Emma Ward's Words

Special projects and creative fun

All work and no play makes Emma a dull girl...



Freelance writing can be fun, fantastic and creative, which is why Emma Ward's Words was set

up in the first place. To combine work and play to get the best of both worlds! Below are just a few

of the slightly more creative or one-off freelance writing projects we have had fun with over the

past few years.



- Prepare to swoon... in a flight of fancy one day, Emma entered a romantic short story competition entry contest run by the unlikely combination of Mills and Boon and The Lady magazine. Despite there being more than 2,000 entries, she won first prize, earning herself a chest of books and a reputation for crafting the perfect romantic tale.



- Polesden's people... the house stewards at Polesden Lacey commissioned Emma Ward's Words to create a special room guide folder of information sheets about the rooms, their contents and people who used them. The folder was extremely well received and remains available to visitors and volunteer tour guides to this day.



- Emma has worked extensively with a design agency to develop a series of exhibition panels and supporting material for the Institution of Civil Engineering, including a range of 'superhero biographies', based on real engineers and aimed at inspiring ther next generation of engineering students. This work has gone on display at exhibitions across the UK and Europe.


- During the Coronavirus locked-down spring and summer of 2020, Emma worked remotely with renowned Bristol-based journalist, Jeremy Brien, on his memoirs. They spanned more than 80 years and covered his professional and personal life. She worked closely with him to help plan, research and write the various chapters before proofreading the finished copy, choosing accompanying photographs and typesetting and designing the resulting book. Finally, Emma oversaw its private publication and presentation to the delighted author at the end of July 2020.






If you haven't got the message yet, Emma Ward's Words really is for everyone and anyone.  No freelance writing project is too small, too large (although we might have to call in some help if it is really massive!) or too bizarre for us to consider.


Get in touch today to discuss your special freelance writing projects and creative concepts and let's have some fun!

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