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One 'r' or two?  When do you use the semi colon?  English can be a confusing language, especially when it is

written down. Often, when you have written something, you either don't have enough time to check it

thoroughly, or have simply been working on that same piece of text so long you can no longer see the wood

for the trees. A new pair of eyes can often spot silly mistakes and prevent any embarrassing printed errors.


We can be those eyes, checking and proofreading any length or type of written or online text. Emma has an excellent grasp of the rules of English spelling and grammar, and can precis or lengthen text to fit exact word counts or layout space. She has proofread magazines, newsletters, academic papers and events brochures containing hundreds of different titles, dates, times, telephone numbers and prices. She has perused conference materials, CVs, product catalogues, annual reviews and websites. She has  provided proofreading services for blue chip financial giants, international charities and a large medical communications agency that engages her to proof newsletters, corporate magazines, conference papers and other documents in both English and, more latterly, French.




Emma's first communications job, undertaken during the 'Year Abroad' of her French degree, was Personal Assistant to the Head of Media Relations for a multi-national telecoms company in Paris. This taught her valuable administrative and secretarial skills. Emma also acted for a time as a virtual assistant to a music impresario, handling his correspondence and managing his emails. Going on to work in the UK charity sector and then run a successful freelance writing business for over a decade now has meant that she has always had to manage her own admin.


Finally, running a household with a busy husband and two children with social lives that have to be seen to be believed has kept Emma's organisational skills well and truly honed. She can turn her hand to the following freelance admin services either from our office in Surrey or at your UK premises - at short notice if required:


- database entry and management


- writing correspondence


- transcription and dictation services


- setting up filing and other organisational systems for the office or home







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